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Joy of Cookies


One of the culinary delighted introduced to me this year was Maccha Cookies by lovely BFF. One bitten, forever smitten. These wonderful sweet somethings are shortbread biscuits flavoured with the delicate and delectable Maccha Green Tea.
For the uninitiated Matcha Tea is a super fine powdered tea, it’s relatively expensive and often used during Japanese Tea Ceremonies. The wonderful thing about Maccha Tea, not only does it have an exquisite and smooth taste, but its powdered form means it versatile as food dye too, and it’s is often used to colour and flavour foods as diverse as noodles, custard, bread and ice cream.

I lifted the Matcha Cookie recipe from my BFF and recently I made my very own. (Incidentally, my BFF cannot take credit for the great recipe as she is not its author, but if you Google Lovescool you can find its origins there and thanks to the powers of the interweb, what began as modest and experimental recipe on her blog has travelled far and wide to all corners of the world).

Although I cook a great deal, it has been a long time since I made some cookies. Today’s experience was so charming that I am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow (I saved half my dough, a prudent move in case I messed up my inaugural batch). I had completely forgotten how much fun cutting out cookie shapes from dough is. There’s an innocent childlike amusement and warm satisfaction of firmly pressing in a cutter into some smooth dough and admiring the perfect shape of a cookie as you place it onto a baking tray. The process and the result are both rewards.

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  1. 2009/12/03 10:18 pm

    oh yummy! (^-^)
    check out my food blog and tell me what you think:


    • cheevil permalink*
      2009/12/04 1:02 am

      The Gods Cake is definitely my kind of blog!

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