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Best Thai in London


Number One

1 Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, London, W10 6AB

020 8968 0558

Occasionally you have restaurants that you know about, which you feel shy about mentioning as you really don’t want them over run with people coming from all over to such an extent that you never can eat there again without a booking 3 months in advance. This is one of them, but I shall temporarily lose my selfish desires and tell you about it.

I’m going to start with the only possible blemish. The décor isn’t up to much. That’s about it.

It serves amazingly cheap, very authentic, sensationally tasty Thai food. I’ve been told some of the spices are flown over by the grandmother from Thailand every week due to the lack of supply in London.

The curries are hotter than average (as they are in North Thailand). Even the mild have that all infusing tang of spice that the Thai love. The spices blend in to a cut above the average restaurant. Rich, sweet, complex and textured. About equal to my Mum’s Singapore-Malay versions, but with much less effort to make! (My Mum’s still have the edge, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you why except childhood memories. Perhaps my Mum loads the curries with that much more meat, which restaurants never do.)

The satay is never going to be like street satay but very satisfying. The sweetcorn fritters, with great blobs of kernel, held together in a not too heavy batter, are the best I’ve had. And if you can take the heat of the salads, they are richly complex undercut by a citrus tang.

Curries are about £5-£6 and starters around £3-£4. £10 a person, and you’ll be stuffed. Bring your own alcohol if you’d like a drink and don’t tell everybody, just special people else I’ll never get in again – it’s busy enough with the locals.

Matthew Norman gives it 9/10 in the Guardian with marks deducted for loo rolls on display ?!

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  1. 2008/12/18 4:49 pm

    Shhhh. It’s a BBC staff favourite – we don’t want it overrun with locals!

  2. 2008/12/29 3:18 pm

    Sweetcorn fritters alone would enchant me !

    That was high praise from Matthew Norman – except for the loo rolls…

    Happy upcoming New Year 2009 to you 🙂

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