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Westfield restaurants / shopping mall


I’ve been to a few malls in the US, but my mall experiences have been shaped by those of South-East Asia, particularly in Singapore but also Malaysia and Thailand.

One important feature of these Asian malls is the food court. The food can be good enough at these food courts that people flock to them for certain dishes. There is also a much bigger mix’n’match style to eating. One person can go to a noodle stall, the other to a roast pork stall.

The massive new Westfield shopping mall complex in west London gives a type of food court experience and we went to sample it in the thronging first weekend. There are sit down restaurants but the food court is the novel part.

The food court is placed in “the Balcony” which is on the first floor. The undulating triangular glass roof creates a good sense of space and the eating area is pleasant… on a normal day… but on the opening weekend, it could not cope with the capacity of people wanting to eat (and I suspect some kitchen’s extractors were either not on full blast or need beefing up). Be warned if you don’t like crowds, stay away for the next few weekends or choose off-peak.

There are: Birley Sandwiches (speaks for itself), Café Concerto, Crepe Affaire, Tossed, Tiffinbites, Yo! Sushi, Square pie – all of which are fairly known.

Of more interest to me are:

  • Pho – Vietnamese, noddle dishes and street food inspirations
  • Ooze Risotteria – Northern Italain, risotto specialist
  • Nineteen Ten – Mexican (although Thomasina Mier’s Wahaca downstairs looked more attractive)
  • Bamboo basket – Dim Sum, and one plate noodle, rice dishes
  • Comptoir Libanais – middle eastern food
  • And Croque Gascon, Sw French food of the Club Gascon group, which I will offer up a short review of later.

If one wanted the mall food court experience, or someone wants Vietnamese, another Mexican and another duck with foie gras then you can have it at Westfield!

Guardian writers’ impression here.

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