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Croque Gascon / review / Westfield


I pretty much like all the Gascon restaurants.

Club Gascon, for that occasional blow out, full impact rich SW French style.

Le Cercle, once a season, to see how the essence of the food has been minituarised down to small plates of unusual, complex flavour.

Cellar Gascon, for a glass of wine and some nibbles although this now is overshadowed for me by

Comptoir Gascon, not quite bistro, not quite wine bar, with simple classic SW French dishses, great chips, charcuteries, confit and takeaway items too. I might make it to Comptoir around 10x a year!

To this, I would add Croque Gascon.

Croque’s concept seems unusual. It’s “fast food Gascon French”. Perhaps like a Leon of Gascony. The prices are very reasonable, the sourcing of ingredients the usual high standard and the food comes out fairly quickly (give the mass scrum of Westfield).

Duck rillettes (£4), Duck burger(£7.5 with foie, £14), gascon hot dog (£6), Toulouse Cassolade (duck confit, pork belly and beans, £7.5); fried squid (£7.5), grilled scallops (£9.5), piperade basqauise (£5, tomato and peppers, stewed with courgette + fried egg) all look wonderful. And of course, duck fat chips (see previous post).

We choose a duck burger, hot dog, chips, Orangina, a glass of red wine and chi-chi. The chi-chi were a real find, more later.

The duck burger was tasty and the little pickles and sauce a good touch. I’m not a great bun fan in any case, but I had the impression mine had gone a little cold in the whole plating up scrum. It seemed a little brioche like, but I only ate half of it.

The hot dog was super tasty, herby and porky, in a confronting soft bun and a killer mustard.

Chips were wonderful in the soft, fatty chip fashion.

But, I think the crowning glory were the chi-chi. These are like churros (perhaps with a hint more saltiness to them) and dipped in chocolate and are completely yum. I’d come for just a hot dog, chips and chi-chi for a food break, or try one of the larger meals for a more leisurely time.

Beware that they operate a continental paying system. This means you need to get up to the till and order and pay first, then collect your food when it is ready. By the time I had delivered the drinks to our tale, the main food order was ready, but the confusion could slow some people down.

I’m pretty sure I spoke to Vincent Labeyrie (co-owner) who happened to be manning the craziness. He suggested Croque sat well in the Gascon family and that he might consider selling some of the products (which you can get on-line now and at Comptoir) at Croque. It had been crazy busy but was going well and he seemed to be enjoying it, as much as one could under the circumstances of crowd scrums.

I’d definitely go again and in fact, I’d almost say it was worth a trip to Westfield just to check it out.

Note: They had one deep fat fryer but were mainly cooking on induction hobs (see hob dilemma earlier)

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  1. 2008/11/03 4:05 pm

    I don’t like duck, but the chi-chi sound good ! Salt and sugar in the right amounts is a good combination 🙂

  2. Carine permalink
    2008/11/03 5:10 pm

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I am very good friends with the owners of Pho and I highly recommend that you try them too. They have one on St John Street which is where we met them/discovered their fab food. x

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