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Pork chump chop with marsala


Had my first taste of the middle white pork. Sweet and tender. More tender than I remember it, but the flavour was still sweet and I think even slightly nutty (they say free roaming autumn pigs are good as they eat on orchard windfalls and forage for nuts).

My DB is not as great a fat eater as me, so I took off half her fat, chopped it up, and started that off in the pan to render it, and start with some cooking fat. Meanwhile, the chump chops had been marinating in marsala for a short time. When the pan was almost smoking hot, on the chops went, with a sprinkling of dried herbs and pepper (I’d choose thyme, if I wanted just one). It’s about 5 minutes – or nicely browned – on one side and a bit less on the other.

As a variation, this time, we had some chopped onion also frying beside the chop. After lifting out the chops and most of the onion, the rest of the marsala marinade is poured in and boiled down for about a minute, before serving on top of the chop as a large spoon of gravy.

This also works well with lamb chump chops.

Another variation, is to brown the chops fiercely for a minute either side, add a stock/glass wine/marsala and then finish for 10 to 15 minutes in a medium/high oven, say, 180C.

At full speed, this dish should take no longer than 15 to 20 minutes from start of finish or inside a leisurely 30 minutes. Just enough time to boil some new potatoes and peas along side.

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