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Gas vs induction hobs

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I’m likely to be doing a new kitchen soon and having the gas vs induction hobs debate. The key pros and cons seem to be:

Against induction

  • Upfront cost (although this is reducing)
  • Ferrous pans needed (I reckon everyone has some of these, unless you are a copper nerd)
  • Some say heat power might be less but on balance this does not seem to be true
  • Electrical wiring needed (not so much an issue in a new kitchen)
  • People more used to gas?
  • Harder to preheat pan
  • No flame char possible.

For induction

  • Energy efficiency – I read that 80% to 90% of energy is converted in induction rather than 50 to 60% in gas. So long term, this is an energy saving. I’ve not seen this cross-checked scientifically but it seems sounds. This, I believe, is particularly impressive when boiling water/liquids.
  • Both can increase and decrease to relevant heat; but I think induction could provide a more accurate steady low heat. I can’t do this even on the lowest gas hob burner as it is too strong. On the other hand, it is easier to preheat a pan on a gas hob.
  • Maybe more safe?

Any opinions…?

In any case, I’m really tempted to save some money and get both! a 4/5 hob gas burner and a 2 element induction hob!

Pasta, stews, steady temp control on the induction hob.

Preheating, flame and power on the gas hob.


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  1. 2008/10/27 10:46 pm

    I have Thermador sealed gas burners and love them.

    My Mom has induction and loves hers…

    I like the way you are thinking of splitting it up.

    Maybe it just comes down to preference and that way you have the best of both worlds 🙂

    Loving Annie

  2. 2009/01/03 11:40 pm

    I love my induction hob, it’s very quick to heat up and definitely more responsive at low temperatures. Plus it’s so easy to clean as it’s completely flat (including the digital buttons) and doesn’t really get very hot as you’re just heating the pan.
    I was very upset not to be able to use my SKK saute pan any more though…

  3. maggie permalink
    2009/09/04 11:33 am

    Hi – I’d love to know if you went for induction hobs, and if so whether you hate them or not, because I’m in exactly the position you were in last year, trying to decide for my new kitchen.

    I’ve been a gas hobber all my life and can’t find decent information anywhere about how they compare WITH GAS in terms of
    – speed of heating up pans
    – maximum temp (eg for griddling)
    – speed of response when you want to stop something boiling over!

    Any views gratefully received

  4. Jules permalink
    2011/11/26 12:24 pm

    I knw these comments were left 2/3 years ago but doesn’t seem to be much more info around. Did any of you install an induction hob and if so which make? Would you recommend them? I too prefer gas but am being persuaded by the cleanliness and efficiency to fo for an induction hob – in my new kitchen! Any help would be appreicated. Many thanks.

  5. benyeoh permalink*
    2011/12/01 8:02 pm

    I installed both a gas hob and induction hob.

    In an ideal world I would advocate both.

    Induction is better and cleaner for anything to do with liquid eg boiling, steaming, stews, pot roasting. (pre-heating not an issue)

    However gas still has the edge for stir frying, because it is slightly easier to get gradations of heat either by adjusting the flame or by moving the pan slightly away from the heat for a short time.

    On the induction hob, once you move away, you lose all heat and fine tuning the heat is a little harder, which is not such an issue for liquids.

    I went for a 2 hob smeg induction hob which was one of the cheaper ones and it has worked great.

    I believe there is little difference for gas hobs, except in design.

    I also have to get one more induction type pan, and one more pot. As my old pots and pans were not all induction suitable.

    Have not noticed any change in energy use! (probably too small to make a difference) — but boiling water is super fast.

    good luck

  6. cookware consumer guide permalink
    2011/12/16 8:05 pm

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