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Bar Shu review


Bar Shu

28 Frith Street, London, W1D 5LF

020 7287 8822

Have now been twice in last two months. Once quite good. Once not so good.

Bar Shu does Sichuan and it does it rooted in an authentic way (geography and history all seem there in the food). The dishes contain many specialties including offal dishes, which tends to attract some foodies.

Sichuan food is renown for chilli and you get a lot of hot. If you don’t like hot, don’t go as your choices will be limited.

The first time we went, everything was good (except the Gai Lan which was bit old). And the dishes coming out the kitchen looked exactly right. We particularly like the twice cooked pork, which was melting and nicely spicy, with a good mix of veg. We also ordered too much but unlike Yauatcha, (shame on Yauatcha) we could take it away.

The second time, everything was substandard. First we had to adhere to a £12.50 a head order of food, which was too much and meant we had to add to our order twice. The wonderful twice cooked pork, came out dry and had either been lying about for a good 30 minutes or was simply overcooked. The wonderful tang of chilli was there but the cooking had grown sloppy.

I’d be willing to give it another go, when I need a chilli fix but maybe it’s because the chef has gone over to sister restaurant Baozi? I’d probably give Baozi a try over Bar Shu now, especially as you can get the dan dan noodles… but my guess it that perhaps the kitchens are a bit hit and miss….

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