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More blackberry sites / brandy


Jon Dennis at the Guardian posts this on bramble picking and many commentors leave more tips for sites.

It also includes a link to here to Bramble Brandy

* Jars or bottles (clear ones are best)
* Blackberries (fresh or dried)
* Brandy (cheap is fine)
* White sugar (granulated or caster)

All measurements are relative to the jar or bottle you choose to use.

Fill to one quarter with sugar. Fill to half with blackberries. Fill to three quarters with brandy, and that’s the complicated bit done.

For the first week, shake the jar/bottle every day until the sugar dissolves. After that store it somewhere warm and dark where you won’t forget it (like the airing cupboard) and shake it once a month. After three months, it should be ready.

Bramble site tips include:
-Twickenham, there are masses all along the Crane valley area, from the Harlequins Ground to Kneller Park.
-In the middle of Ealing (west London), but sheltered between some allotments and the back of a row of houses, a footpath which is lined both sides with blackberry bushes – no further than 200 metres from the main Uxbridge Road and the shopping sprawl of West Ealing, just tucked into one of those corners that the city seems to have forgotten exists
-South Norwood lake
-There are miles of brambles running parallel with Sheffield tram tracks

Anyone have anymore?

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