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Last of the courgettes / zucchini


The flowers look so pretty, even if I didn’t gather them in time to batter them. I thought, there’s time, they are so prolific.

But – no – they have succumbed to a mildew (or mould?) of sorts, I think. I tried a spray on diluted milk solution which seemed to work a little, but then more rain came, and we went away and now so many leaves are covered, I think it will not recover. There’s always next year.

Paul Levy gives a batter for courgettes as: “being simply 00 flour, salt and water to the consistency of single cream, fried in sunflower oil”

I like Italian style frito but push comes to shove I may like lumpy light tempura batter better: 00 flour or tempura flour, ice cold water (or ice cubes) – I’m told this stops too much grease being absorbed into the batter – egg.

beat egg, add ice cubes, beat in some flour (a fork will do), don’t worry if a bit lumpy. Use quickly. Am told the temperature of the oil has to be right – around 180 deg c – but a rule of thumb way to testit, is todrop a small blob of batter in the oil, and it needs to sink and then rise back up. If it stays sunk, the oil is too hot.

Has a more bubbly texture than Italian style, but just as light and crisp.

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