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Marrow Bone on Toast


Fergus Henderson of St John’s does a brilliant marrow bone toast (which is famously Anthony Bourdain’s last meal he would have). Fergus roasts his bones in a high oven, with the ends exposed (because he likes the crispy bits), for around 15 to 20 minutes (until wobbly but not like as cooked as melted butter) and has a caper and parsley (with a little shallot, I think from memory) salad.

I found this recipe in in Good Things in England (see post below) by Florence White.

Marrow Toast 1846
Charles Francatelli gives this recipe adding: “Marrow Toast used to be eaten everyday at dinner by Queen Victoria at the time when I had the honour of waiting on her.”

marrow bone,
salt, pepper,
chopped parsley,
lemon juice,
shallot (a mere suspicion),
hot crisp toast.

1. Get butcher to break the marrow bone*
2. Cut the marrow into small pieces the size of a filbert**
3. Parboil in boiling water for one minute with a little salt
4. Drain instantly upon a sieve, keep hot
5. Season with chopped parsley, pepper, salt, lemon juice and a mere suspicion of finely chopped shallot
6. Toss lightly altogether, spread out on toast.

*I know of at least 3 butchers in (West) London who would do this for you: Lidgate’s, Kingsland and Ginger Pig. If you need to know more let me know.
**large hazelnut

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