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Favourite beef breeds

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The common Angus breed, is a balanced mix of fat and meat with reasonable marbling. It also has quite good growth characteristics making it good for farmers.

However, I believe other breeds are tastier. My favourites are Longhorn and White Park. This T-bone was a love piece of Longhorn.

Both are fattier and sweeter; and I believe more tender than Angus.

Supposedly, White Park breed is where the “Sir Loin – sirloin” naming comes from. A “Sir Loin” having been knighted by King James I of England, King James VI of Scotland. It is slightly leaner, and “beefier” but still well marbled.

I’ve also had good Galloway, Hereford and Short Horn.

Out of the UK, wagyu beef is amazing for its marbling – fatty and rich but still light and beefy but not overpowering. I’ve had wagyu several times in Japan and it was incredible.

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